A triangle is a sharp looking thing. It looks like it hurts, simply by virtue of being pointy. If you fell on a triangle, especially that top point, you would feel it. It might stick right through you, if you fell hard enough. My family is a triangle. I am that super-sticky-outy top point. My daughters are the points on the base.

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#AskGretchen May Edition


This month #AskGretchen dishes advice on topics such as Cheating on tests, Divorce, Being Loud at Work, and Kids and Forced Affection

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Rebecca's Reviews: peach


Hey Ladies…..this review is just for you….I recently had the opportunity to try some pieces from the peach clothing brand. If you haven’t heard of peach clothing, you don’t know what you are missing!!

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Kid Friendly Kitchen Spaces


As my kids get older, I'm noticing how much they appreciate having their own designated areas in the kitchen. For instance, a small table that's just for them, a drawer or cabinet that they can reach all on their own so they can help set the table before meals, or even grab themselves a snack (that I will inevitably have to open for them of course). They love knowing its all theirs and I love that it separates their things from the "grown up" stuff.