Plan a Winter Craft Party


Kids love arts and crafts so why not throw a craft party for your little artists! Your children and their guests will thank you when they create their own masterpieces. Jessie’s Party Stop found four fun and easy winter themed crafts perfect for your next party!

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No Budget Halloween Costume ideas


Halloween is just around the corner. It's a magical time for kids to dress up and have fun running through the neighborhood collecting candy. But with increasing prices on everything in the stores, it is more difficult to buy the costumes your kids are begging for.

Now is the perfect time to enact a time honored tradition of saving money and scrounging through your house to make a home-made costume.

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Kitchen Chemistry

Get your safety goggles out and get ready for some science fun!  Here are two great experiments to try at home with your kids.  Adult supervision is of course recommended.

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Glue Isn’t Just for Sticking: Rethinking the use of basic art materials

With the availability of a dizzying array of colorful and glittering art supplies today, it is easy to forget the basics.  School glue, crayons, and scissors are just a few staple items that can easily be found in most school supply boxes.  Yet these items have been more readily pushed aside for flashier art supplies like glitter glues, scented markers, and fancy paper cutters.

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Snow Globes

Snow Globes are fun to make any time of year!   Kids can make these as a decoration for their room or as a present for their grandparents by selecting sentimental objects.

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It’s a Gak Attack!

Kids love this stuff and so will you.  It’s easy, quick and inexpensive to make.  Your kids can be involved at every step of the process and the result is an interactive toy for them to enjoy all day long.

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