5 Steps to Planning Your Child’s Next Party: Your Quick Checklist


Whether you enjoy party planning or not, planning parties for our kids can be overwhelming and time consuming. Many of us, struggle to figure out how to find the time and resources to put all the pieces together to create a fun party for our kids. Jessie’s Party Stop wants to help you! We researched all the information we could find on how to plan the best party without all the stress. We put together this easy to follow, 5 step guide to help you plan your next party.

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An Art Teacher’s Friend: Viktor Lowenfeld


Let me introduce you to a friend to all professional art educators out there. His name is Viktor Lowenfeld, and though he may no longer be living, his impact is alive and well. I want every parent to meet him, because he offers something that not only will deepen your appreciation of art, but will also help you employ art to observe and promote your child’s cognitive development.


You Can Do It! Art at Home: 5 Tips


Do you wish you could do more art with your kids? Like many parents of young children, the thought of more art projects at home might spike your anxiety level a bit. There are lots of reasons that keep us from doing art with our kids.