Rebecca's Reviews: Annie’s Homegrown


I am back with another great review!! On a whole, our family tries to eat as healthy and organic as possible. It isn’t always doable, but we try our best. I am so excited to say that PunchBugKIDS was given the opportunity to come together with Annie’s Homegrown and do an amazing review.

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Fun Kids’ Party Foods

A children’s party doesn’t have to be all about pizza and ice cream.  Kids will enjoy eating healthy food, as long as it looks tempting and tastes great.  Here are a few ideas for serving up party food that will please everyone!

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Sweet Sushi

It's sushi your kids won't refuse!  Forget the shrimp, forget the spicy need for soy sauce or wasabi.  Get out the chopsticks and create the perfect party platter or impromptu dessert tray in a matter of minutes. 

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5 Ways to Play with your Food (Go ahead, it’s FUN!)

Cooking shouldn't have to be a chore.  Here are some great ideas to bring joy back to the art of cooking, kid style!

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