Ways to Establish a Parent-Teacher Relationship


The fall is one of the busiest times for both parents and teachers. But know that as busy as you and your child’s teacher are, you share a common goal — your child’s academic achievement. As an involved parent, you can facilitate a relationship with a teacher based upon this shared goal and mutual respect.

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Why Happiness Isn’t What You Think It Is


We’ve all seen the movies–you know the ones–with the happy endings. The guy gets the girl. The heroine saves the day. Everyone is happy. Dramatically, obviously happy.

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A Letter to My Daughter On Her Graduation Day...(or anytime before that if she finds it)


To my daughter:

You are a delicate flower. Omg crap...wait...starting over...wrong decade and century. You are a female...that makes you powerful, strong, and capable of achieving so many amazing things.

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