5 Steps to Planning Your Child’s Next Party: Your Quick Checklist


Whether you enjoy party planning or not, planning parties for our kids can be overwhelming and time consuming. Many of us, struggle to figure out how to find the time and resources to put all the pieces together to create a fun party for our kids. Jessie’s Party Stop wants to help you! We researched all the information we could find on how to plan the best party without all the stress. We put together this easy to follow, 5 step guide to help you plan your next party.


First things first!  The key to a successful party is to start planning your party 6-8 weeks ahead of time.  (I know, your asking, 6-8 weeks??? Why so far in advanced?)  The biggest reason to start so far in advanced is if you are hiring a service to help with your party; Venue, Rental, Entertainer, DJ etc.  They need to know about your event with as much notice as possible.  If they don’t have you in their books, they may be booked when you call. The other reason 6-8 weeks is so important is if you are ordering custom invitations from a calligrapher or invitation designer. They will need enough time to create your customized invitations!

Step 1:  6-8 weeks. Plan your party. Set the date, time, and place for your party.  Pick your theme. Decide whether you will have the party in your home, hire an entertainer or go to a venue.  Also hire your entertainment or venue at this time. If you are buying custom invites order them now!

Step 2:  3-4 weeks. Think invitations! Buy store bought or printable Invitations and mail your invites. More kids will be able to come if you give the parents enough notice. Choose your parties activities. 

Step 3:  1-2 weeks.  Buy or make the Decorations and Supplies for your party’s activities, crafts, games, tablescape, room etc.  Decide on your Menu and buy the food (if one week ahead).  Order your Cake. Pick out your Music Play List.

Step 4:  The day before your party. Clean your home / stage it for the party / decorate your home.  Prepare all your games / activities / crafts (craft table). Finish any last minute food shopping. Charge your Camera / video camera and download any previous work off of it. Fill the Goody Bags. Cook / prepare any food that can be left for a day.

Step 5:  The day of the party.  Finish cooking and prepare / heat up / cook the food before the party. Display the food but be sure to wrap it to prevent spoilage. Blow up balloons or pick them up. Organize your helpers. Pick up your child’s cake. Turn on the music. Make sure your child has eaten properly before the party starts. Have a cleaning station set up equiped with wipes, paper towels, salt and club soda in case of any spills. Having a Winter Party? Create a special spot for everyone's coats. Raining? Place a tall floor vase near the door for umbrellas. 

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