Book Review: Dragonwatch


Do your kids love adventure? Fantasy? Stories about kids their age saving the day?

Then they will love Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull. It is the first book in a sequel series of the popular Fablehaven books. A perfect introduction to the world and great book to get your children excited about reading.


The story follows siblings Seth and Kendra who live on a magical preserve that protects fairies, trolls, ogres, and other creatures from the outside world; and vice versa. After the events of the Fablehaven series, the dragons are restless. No longer are they content to stay in their prisons across the world. They want their freedom which could mean destruction for the world.

Unfortunately, the magical barrier in the Wyrmroost preserve is failing. The dragons have already attacked Blackwell Keep three times, trying to escape. It won’t hold much longer.

As Seth and Kendra are the last mortal dragon tamers, they are the only hope for the world. They are recruited to be the new co-caretakers of the Wyrmroost preserve in order to restore the magic and prevent the dragons from escaping. But the assignment is more dangerous than they realize. And they will have to work together in order to stay alive and save the world.

This exhilarating books will delight your children and keep them on the edge of their seat throughout the adventure. Wonderfully, the heroes use their brains to overcome each obstacle instead of just fighting. Best of all, this book will introduce them to an expansive world that will delight their imaginations and inspire them to devour the books in the Fablehaven series.


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