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Superheros are all the rage. Spider-man, Wonder Woman, Thor, and Batman fill the movie screens and toy shelves. If you have school-aged kids, most likely they are caught up in the frenzy.

Why not turn their passion for superheros into a passion for reading? I found a wonderful middle grade book about a regular kid who becomes a superhero. It is The Supadupa Kid by Ty Allen Jackson. It is a fun, action-packed story that will fill your kid's imagination.

Supadupa Kid

The story is about a regular kid named Javon. He has the normal, everyday problems like homework, a tattletale little sister, and a neighborhood bully named Hoody who likes to picks on him.

Everything changes one rainy day when he offers his umbrella to the smartest and prettiest girl in school. He gets into a fight over the umbrella with Hoody and the two are struck by lightning. When Javon wakes up in the hospital a few weeks later, he discovers that he now has super powers.

Javon can shoot electricity from his hands and with a little practice can even fly. With the help of his genius best friend, he gets a suit and begans flying around the neighborhood as the Supadupa Kid. He starts out small rescueing a cat from a tree, but soon escalates to foiling bank robbers.

When mysterious fires start in school and around town, Javon soon realizes that he is not alone. Hoody got superpowers too. But he does not want to be a superhero. Hoody wants to prove he he more powerful than the Supadupa Kid. Javon tries to talk with him, but Hoody won't listen. The only way he will respond is with a fight, whether Javon wants it or not.

This awesome book is filled with action and excitement. It is a wonderful origin story and shows the evolution and training of the Supadupa Kid with his powers. I especially love how the characters are so realistic with the hopes and desires of regular kids.

Young children ages 8 to 12 will relate to this book and love it.  I highly recommend it!

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