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“When is a good time for my child to start playing an instrument?”


I began banging on pots and pans in my mother’s kitchen when I was 3 years old and couldn’t get enough.  My sister couldn’t sit still until the age of 6 and tried to play the piano but didn’t stick with it.  At 11 years old she found the love for the flute and still plays it as an adult.

Everyone learns at a different pace and attention spans vary.  If you’re considering starting your child on an instrument consider their coordination, agility and the cognitive processing skills required to tackle an instrument successfully.  Generally, a child should be able to sit and concentrate for 10-15 minutes.  If your child can concentrate consistently they will see the rewards of their efforts sooner through their chosen instrument.

To progress, regular practice is necessary.  This is a great opportunity to help your child develop the discipline of a daily routine involving practice and concentration.  Seek out fun exercises and practice techniques that engage your child.  Endless repetition and rigid approaches tend to turn children off to the fun and spontaneous adventures found in music.  Encourage your child to practice their assignment as well as experimentation.  The neatest discoveries are made that way!

Children are fun, inquisitive and adventurous; music should be too!  Express yourself!


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Kris Manning

Kris Manning

That Girl Drummer, Kris Manning, is a percussionist with over 30 years experience playing music. From rock and blues to classical and world, she happily plays it all.  

Her background includes a Percussion Performance Degree from the University of Connecticut and Music Composition Studies from the Hartt School of Music. She has toured Russia with John Beck and 13 percussionists from the Percussive Arts Society. She has also studied marimba with Leigh Howard Stevens and was one of the winners of the Concerto Competition at the University of Connecticut in 1990.

Kris's teaching style is open and accepting, playing to each student's strengths.  She draws out the natural abilities from each student by helping them develop their own personal style and by making learning fun!  

Kris specializes in cajon, drum set, orchestral percussion and mallet instruments. She currently gigs in Charleston, SC with various bands and teaches several students piano & drum lessons. You can catch her live in the Charleston area every week.  To find out more go to  Kris is co-founder of The Music Battery a 501c3 non-profit charity for kids and co-owner of Black Tie Music Academy.

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