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Your five-year-old child keeps begging you to join the local soccer team. Perhaps you are afraid he/she is too young? What you may not know is that having your child participate in sports at an early age is very beneficial.


Enrolling children in sports can teach them endless life lessons. Just a few are listed below:

1.      Practice Makes Permanent: A sport doesn’t teach an athlete to be perfect. It encourages him/her to persevere by practicing skills over and over until that improvement becomes permanent. If you are good at a certain sport or subject, it is great to carry that talent with you for a long period of time!


2.      Keep Learning: We always learn from our successes and failures. Youth sports help students recognize that the best athletes in any sport also are constantly learning and working to achieve goals. Determination and willingness to get better are excellent steps to life success in the long run.


3.      Celebrate All Successes: Sports teach us to celebrate big and small successes. Everyone knows how to celebrate a huge win, but sports help kids learn to identify and celebrate the smaller, more personal goals they can set for themselves.


4.      Be a Team Player (4 Cs): Being a team player does not just mean being supportive.  Team players must be cooperative, communicative, collaborative with teammates, and consistent with their participation. These are lessons students can bring to any activity, job, or project in the future.


5.      Keep Active: When a student becomes active in a sport at an early age, he/she tends to be healthier later in life. Enrolling your five-to-seven-year-old in a sport can contribute to him/her having better eating, exercising habits, and self-esteem!


6.      Positive Outcomes in the Long Hall: Students who participate in athletics have statistically higher high school graduation rates. This is seen at the college level as well. For example, LSU is graduating its general students at 67% compared to its athletes who have an 81% graduation rate.


All parents want their children to be well-rounded and successful in school and in life. Keeping a healthy balance of academics, sports and down-time is very important. So, why not start now?


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Mark Kance

Mark Kance

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