The Art of Thank You Notes


Thank you. Two simple words, but without of doubt the most meaningful words in our vocabulary. My love for handwritten notes started at a very young age. I enjoyed different art mediums and the reaction a person had when receiving my creations. To this day I continue to instill this form of etiquette to my two young girls as well as my Mini Manners students.


One of my favorite lessons is the art of thank you notes, which focuses on the many ways children can thank someone and have it reflect their own personality. Younger children may be intimidated by the traditional approach. The greeting, introduction or simply not knowing how to spell words correctly. Stepping outside the box and having your child create their own unique version of a thank you note will be just as effective and many times more meaningful!

Once your child has finished their masterpiece, it is so important to give lots of praise. Praising a child for not only their creativity, but for thinking of others will give them the confidence to continue creating! A child can thank another person for a gift, attending a special event, a compliment, carpool rides or really ANYTHING!!!

Text messages and email have become a quick and easy way to say thank you and although it may be more convenient for some, it is just not as warm to receive. Taking time to give the extra effort to write or create a thank you note, address an envelope, put a stamp on and send it off shows your recipient that you recognize how important their time was they gave to you.

Anytime is a perfect opportunity to practice the art of thank you notes! There is no need to run out and purchase expensive materials as you will most certainly find all that you need right under your own roof. I will share some popular and easy thank you note projects to get your child started. I am sure your children will be just as in love with thank you notes as I am after all is said and done. What better way to start the new year than to MAKE MANNERS FUN!!!!




Pipe cleaners

Cupcake Liners

Tissue Paper

Hole punch- For the thank you note Paper








Large paper

Small paper

Washi tape

Colored pencils

Thank you stamp




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Ashley Jackson

Ashley Jackson

Mini Manners is a manners and etiquette program taught through art and theatre for young children in Charleston, SC.  Mini Manners teaches table manners, proper introductions, the art of thank you notes, reaching goals, positive friendships, being respectful and helping other and our environment.

My goal has always been to make learning manners FUN!!!

I have been teaching for about five years and Mini Manners classes are held in several local schools as well as various establishments.

My husband, Ryan is a Southern Living Homebuilder, I have two daughters, Molly and Goldie and a dog, Oliver. 

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