The Art of Thank You Notes


Thank you. Two simple words, but without of doubt the most meaningful words in our vocabulary. My love for handwritten notes started at a very young age. I enjoyed different art mediums and the reaction a person had when receiving my creations. To this day I continue to instill this form of etiquette to my two young girls as well as my Mini Manners students.

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Creative Corner – An At-Home Art Studio


In Charleston, SC we’ve had an unusual episode of real winter weather that kept us indoors longer than normal. When something like this happens, everyone scrambles to think of fun, educational, and interesting indoor activities. Art is certainly at the top of the list for me, and many parents would love for their children to put down the electronics and make some art. If you don’t already have a designated art space for your children, it’s time to create a creative corner in your home, and begin to integrate art making into their normal spectrum of activities.


An Art Teacher’s Friend: Viktor Lowenfeld


Let me introduce you to a friend to all professional art educators out there. His name is Viktor Lowenfeld, and though he may no longer be living, his impact is alive and well. I want every parent to meet him, because he offers something that not only will deepen your appreciation of art, but will also help you employ art to observe and promote your child’s cognitive development.


You Can Do It! Art at Home: 5 Tips


Do you wish you could do more art with your kids? Like many parents of young children, the thought of more art projects at home might spike your anxiety level a bit. There are lots of reasons that keep us from doing art with our kids.


Plan a Winter Craft Party


Kids love arts and crafts so why not throw a craft party for your little artists! Your children and their guests will thank you when they create their own masterpieces. Jessie’s Party Stop found four fun and easy winter themed crafts perfect for your next party!

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No Budget Halloween Costume ideas


Halloween is just around the corner. It's a magical time for kids to dress up and have fun running through the neighborhood collecting candy. But with increasing prices on everything in the stores, it is more difficult to buy the costumes your kids are begging for.

Now is the perfect time to enact a time honored tradition of saving money and scrounging through your house to make a home-made costume.

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