Mickey-shaped food is extra Yummy, especially when it's free!


It's here! Disney’s Free Dining offer is one of the most anticipated offers of the year and the Disney community has been all a flutter on when it would be released and what it would look like.

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Super Foods


Several moms have asked us what our go to foods are for introduction at Harvest to Highchair. All fresh fruits and veggies are fantastic but there are a couple that we really consider to be ‘super foods’ and are perfect for first foods. These are our top four favorites...


Picky Eater?


Lately, we've been teaching classes on palatetraining and introducing solids. A couple of the moms have already been through the process of introducing solids and are combating the dreaded...PICKY EATER! Here are some of our recommended strategies for getting over that hump and getting your toddler interested in a more diverse menu.


Milk After Weaning?


There are so many opinions when it comes to introducing milk after weaning. What will you do for your family?


5 Healthy and Easy Cooking Hacks That Busy Moms Need to Know


It’s no secret that moms have the hardest job on earth. While I don’t claim that title myself, working as a nanny for years has given me a glimpse into the chaos that may go on behind closed doors, especially around meal time. Finding the time and energy to create healthy meals for your family (let alone yourself!) can be a job all on its own, so here are some healthy cooking hacks to make it easy, fun, and quick to get food on the table and into lunchboxes.

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