Birthday Interview

Here’s a unique way to capture memories. Interview your child each year on their birthday using the same set of 20 questions. Record their answers in a scrapbook with photos or take a video and see how they grow and mature each year!

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Teaching Your Kid How to Grill


Memorial day is almost here. And the grilling season is about to begin. The delicious aroma of charcoal will soon fill the air in the neighborhood.

Grilling is such a treasured activity for adults that it is all too easy to let the kids run and play while you "play" with your grill. But grilling is an exciting activity that is a perfect way to inspire and teach your kids how to cook.

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Fun Kids’ Party Foods

A children’s party doesn’t have to be all about pizza and ice cream.  Kids will enjoy eating healthy food, as long as it looks tempting and tastes great.  Here are a few ideas for serving up party food that will please everyone!

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Sweet Sushi

It's sushi your kids won't refuse! Forget the shrimp, forget the spicy need for soy sauce or wasabi. Get out the chopsticks and create the perfect party platter or impromptu dessert tray in a matter of minutes.

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Butterfly Cupcakes

Jump into spring with these delicious treats.  You really can't go wrong with cupcakes at any time of the year.  But why not celebrate spring with bright, pastel frosting and colorful butterflies.  It's a sure sign that spring is here!

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