Here are some ideas you can try from home. No matter what your age, together with your family you can make a difference in your community. Check out these ideas below to see what you can do!



Website: is the country's largest not-for-profit for young people and social change.  Bullying. Animal cruelty. Homelessness. Cancer. The list goes on. spearheads national campaigns so 13- to 25-year-olds can make an impact - without ever needing money, an adult, or a car.



Free the Children

Free the Children provides a host of ways for kids to get involved including creative fundraising ideas. One easy idea, commemorate special occasions in a meaningful way. For your next birthday celebration, ask friends and family to donate to Free The Children’s programs instead of giving presents. Celebrate a special day of yours or that of a loved one in a way that matters


Ronald McDonald House Charities

Download your activation kit from the RMHC website at the link above and start collecting coins.  Search for those small coins lying around your house, under your little sister’s car seat, in your laundry machine, and in your parents’ pockets and add them to your box. Then ask your Mom and Dad for a ride to the big green Coinstar machines in your local grocery store, and watch as your pennies, nickels and dimes add up to a significant donation to RMHC global and your local RMHC Chapter. Coin by coin, you can help children and families in your own community.


Help the Homeless

The Ladybug Foundation

Started by an 8-year old Canadian girl, this Foundation has raised well over $2 million, providing shelter, food and safety for homeless people. On this website you can find instructions on how kids can raise funds for makeChange™ via The Ladybug Foundation.


Lemonade Stand

Alex’s Lemonade

At Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, the primary focus is to find a cure for all childhood cancers. Children can get involved and raise money by following simple instructions at this website.


Letters to the Troops

Flags Across the Nation

Our programs foster love of the United States of America, respect for the American flag and support for our troops, wounded warriors and veterans. We welcome your participation with us to make a patriotic difference by writing Letters to the Troops, telling children about our art contest Flags of Freedom and joining with us to promote patriotism through the arts.


For The Troops

For The Troops’ mission is to send care packages to our front line troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. These packages contain such things as snack items, DVDs, CDs, batteries, personal care items and magazines, etc.



In 2004 Spencer Cluff, a US warrior himself, started Kidz4Troops as a way to put kids in touch with soldiers serving overseas in war zones. Over time the program has grown to include children from across the nation interested in sending their creative thoughts and encouragement in support of our brave troops.


Marine Parents: Care Package Project

We need cards and letters from you, the American people who support our troops. Please consider working with your office, school, church or organization to make cards or write letters to include in care packages sent overseas. Marines are especially touched by homemade cards from children, or letters that let them know what’s going on back home: what books, movies, and music are coming out, or what your day-to-day life is like. Or write a letter to let them know what you’re doing here at home to support the troops!


Operation Gratitude

Without a doubt, the most popular items in the care packages we send are the letters of thanks written by grateful Americans of all ages. Some messages are a single sentence long, some go on for a full page or more and others are little more than a sweet drawing and a heartfelt “Thank you.” But each letter is cherished and greatly appreciated by the recipient!


Letters to Sick Children

Hugs & Hope

Children fighting for their lives have very little to smile about. You can change that by sending them some “Happy Mail.” Cheery cards give these kids a few more smiles, a little more hope, and a reason to get out of bed each day.


Love Letters: Random Cards of Kindness, Inc.

Our goal is to create positive and inspirational homemade cards for children with life-threatening illnesses. We also want our “Love Letters Pen Pals” to inspires others in their community to commit to making a difference through our organization.


Share Allowance

Allowance Tree

AllowanceTree is a virtual banking system that represents the real money children receive from their parents. This site allows children to donate a portion of their allowance to charity while earning bonus points.



Web Site:
ThreeJars makes money management fun and easy for 5 to 13 year old kids and parents. Kids learn to manage “money” through saving, spending, and charitable giving jars – with guidance from Mom and Dad.


Spread Happiness

Box of Joy

By packing a Christmas gift box and sponsoring the cost of its shipment, you can deliver a Box of Joy to a child overseas who would otherwise receive nothing for Christmas.


Color A Smile

Color A Smile collects crayon drawings from school children. Every month they distribute these drawings to Nursing Homes, Meals on Wheels Programs, and Individuals all across the country. Their goal is to make people smile! All you have to do is make a drawing and send it in.



KaBOOM! is a national non-profit that envisions a great place to play within walking distance of every child in America.


Kid Flicks

Mail in DVDs you have either outgrown or no longer watch to Kid Flicks. With your DVD donations, Kid Flicks creates movie libraries for Children’s Hospitals and Pediatric Wards across the U.S.