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As an expecting mother you tend to worry about everything! I know whenever I put my laptop, iPad or phone near my lap I worry about the radiation coming off of them. There has been quite a bit of research in the past that shows that radiation, even when in the womb can be harmful to not only you, but your unborn baby.


There are two types of Radiation that Belly Armor talks about.  Non-ionizing radiation and Ionizing Radiation.  Belly Armor protects again non-ionizing radiation. “Non-ionizing radiation includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared, and ultraviolet. It surrounds us in everyday life from various sources including cell phones, tablets, computers, and wifi.”  Ionizing radiation includes x-rays and gamma rays, which Belly Armor products do not shield against.  On a day to day basis, many of us are exposed to non-ionizing radiation. 

With the Belly Armor Blanket you protect not only yourself, but your baby from everyday risks of radiation. The blanket is made of  a baby-soft cotton together with the reliable protection of RadiaShield® Fabric.  The blanket is easy to throw in your handbag for use either at home or work. 

I have been using the blanket for a few weeks now and love it!  You don’t even realize that it is there.  It feels like any other blanket you may have on your lap. It puts my mind at ease knowing that I am protecting my unborn son.  It is super light weight and also attractive looking.  I will continue to use this blanket even after I have the baby as it is safe to use on your baby as well.  I can continue to work from my phone or iPad when holding the baby knowing that he is protected from any radiation.  All the products are free of heavy metals, toxic chemicals and common allergens.  The blanket is machine washable as well which is a plus!  To learn more about the Belly Armor Blanket and other protects Belly Armor has to offer click here!


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