Rebecca's Reviews: Boppy


Hey Ladies! This is for all the expectant mother’s out there! First off, PunchBugKIDS is going to be adding another member to it’s family! My husband, Myself, Big Brother Mason and Big Sister Madyson are excited to announce that they are going to be adding a Baby Brother to our clan in early May!

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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Disney


Disney trips in the fall are magical! The changing of the season, the anticipation of costumes and candy treats, the joy of being together as a family on vacation all are heightened when you add a little Disney fun into your Halloween plans.

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Tried-and-True Strategies to Ace the SAT or ACT


SAT, ACT, oh my! While students may still be deciding whether to take the SAT, ACT, or both, there are some tried and true strategies that they should use to ace either one come test day! With trusty No. 2 pencil in hand, these simple tips will help students tackle test day with confidence.

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