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Are your kids kind? Well now you have Cool Kind Kid to help you and your child learn how to be kinder and cooler to their family and friends. Cool Kind Kid offers a variety of products that teach about bullying, manners and tolerance. You can purchase books, flashcards, CDs and more to help teach your kids the value of being kind.

Cool Kind Kid offers products for parents that have been developed at the request of parent focus groups to help young children learn the social skills tools needed to reject bullying.  Research is now supporting social skills or social competence training, at young ages, as the missing link in bullying prevention. 

Bullying is the #2 epidemic in the US.  Schools and parents are frustrated that there haven’t been solutions that work.  Reactive ways of dealing with bullying issues, or after the fact, are not working.   

Cool Kind Kid® has solutions to help our children learn that kind, caring, and respectful behavior is cool, and that bullying is the ultimate in uncool.  Through the fun Cool Kind Kid® music and activities in both the curricula and parent products, kids are engaged as they realize that they can be both kind and cool.  Kids are embracing the concepts as they learn that, “The kind kid is the cool kid, not the bully."

Our website offers more information on all our products and how they can help you and your family! Go to http://coolkindkid.com NOW!