PunchBugKIDS - Charleston SC

About PunchBugKIDS - Charleston

Your Charleston Community Publisher is Sarah Broad. 

Sarah's life is filled with the usual hustle and bustle associated with a hubby, 1st grade boy and preschool girl.  Always wanting to be "in the know," Sarah finds her work as a Publisher highly satisfying. Killing two birds with one stone, she is already immersed within the children venues and and family events, and she harnesses her previous medical device sales background to build audience for her various clients.  What could be better than learning new techniques of light saber fighting from her 7-year-old and playing princesses with her potty training 3-year-old, all while staying connected to her users and valued businesses in her community?


About PunchBugKIDS

PunchBugKIDS was started in 2014 by Jennifer Mermans and Sarah Broad, two moms living in Princeton, New Jersey who wanted to supply information to parents looking to enrich their children’s lives while providing a community service.  When we became parents we quickly realized the value of having family-friendly information at our fingertips.  Where to go for kids music lessons, library story time, the best local parks, and where to hold a birthday party became important at this new stage of our lives. 


We also wanted to give back to our community by sharing this free resource with other parents in our area, by promoting local businesses with free business listings and by teaching our children the value of giving back to our community.  We loved our idea so much, we thought why not roll this out nationwide so that families everywhere can benefit from having a PunchBugKIDS in their community.


On our national blog we will throw in everything but the kitchen sink (because quite frankly sinks are no fun).  We’ll share parenting tips, volunteer opportunities, humorous anecdotes, giveaways, recipe ideas and more, and we want to learn about your experiences and suggestions about surviving parenthood.  We’re that little extra something you may need to put a smile on your face for the day.  


Together we are “keeping parents in the know and kids on the go!”