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Hey Ladies! This is for all the expectant mother’s out there! First off, PunchBugKIDS is going to be adding another member to it’s family! My husband, Myself, Big Brother Mason and Big Sister Madyson are excited to announce that they are going to be adding a Baby Brother to our clan in early May!


I recently had the opportunity to work with Boppy and have been forever grateful!  I think we all know that sleeping while pregnant can be quite uncomfortable!  With my new Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow and Boppy Muti-Use Slipcovered Total Body Pillow I have been able to get the sleep that I need.  The Pregnancy Support Pillow does wonders for my whole body.  I have made this multifunctional as I use it either in front or back of me. When pregnant I need something in between  my legs when sleeping so this does the trick.  It also works wonders for back support or belly support. 

I also rotate it with the Multi-Use Slipcovered Total Body Pillow.  I love how this body pillows supports your entire body.  When pregnant my pillows sometimes bother me as well.  With this I can toss the pillows and just use this.  I have also used the Multi-Use Slipcovered Total Body Pillow on the couch when I can’t get comfortable.  I wrap it around the back and sides and it gives me the support that I need.  I have also used it across my lap while trying to work with my ipad or computer.  Both fit perfectly on top of the pillow and it makes it much easier to get your work done in a comfortable fashion.  I can see myself using this once the baby comes as well.  With this pillow you are able to wrap it around yourself and lay the baby down on it.  They really hit the mark with this one!  You can use it for just anything!

I love how all of Boppy’s products are machine washable and the covers come on and off easily.  It makes it super easy for washing!  Again, I have been so grateful for Boppy products and can’t wait to use them once the baby is born as well!  To learn more about Boppy click here.


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